NielsenIQ University Program

We want to lay the foundations for the future. To ensure a better and more equal CPG industry, we’re partnering with like-minded universities, CPG manufacturers, and retailers to develop a new generation of diverse data analytics, insights, and business intelligence leaders.

Join the #1 global data and measurement company to kickstart your career and make your ambitious ideas a reality.

Program overview
Program overview

Introducing NielsenIQ University

Have you ever walked down an aisle in your local grocery store and wondered why your favorite food product moved? When you’re in a store, what catches your eye and motivates you to buy a certain product? The NielsenIQ University Program is a data analytics training program that allows students to explore just that by analyzing the latest consumer trends for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers that we all know and love. NielsenIQ University Program Scholars work to solve a real marketing challenge for a major brand using syndicated data. Program Scholars also receive a stipend (exclusions apply), mentoring, professional development and direct access to internships or full-time career opportunities in the data analytics, CPG and retail industries.

Eligibility & commitment
Eligibility & commitment

Who should apply?

Interested applicants who meet the commitment and qualifications outlined below are encouraged to apply and become a part of this unique and dynamic learning experience.


You must be willing to attend a virtual, full-day kickoff summit at the beginning of the program and a virtual graduation ceremony at the end of the program. Specific dates/times will be outlined upon acceptance into the program. Please note that the NielsenIQ University Program may make optional, in-person engagements available to Program Scholars throughout the duration of the program. Any in-person engagements will be governed by university, NielsenIQ and CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Any travel outside of the university campus will be organized by NielsenIQ.

You must be willing to commit 1.5 hours per week for the duration of the 12-week program, which includes attendance at weekly training sessions and participation in a team case study (marketing challenge). All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Program Scholars will also be expected to commit time outside of the program sessions to work with their team members on the case study project.


What Program Scholars like about the NielsenIQ University Program 

 “I was first attracted to NielsenIQ University because I recognized that the program would give me an early opportunity, a head-start, to gain exposure to data analytics and the CPG world.

Additionally, being able to work hands-on with clients is a valuable new experience.”

Djenabou Bah, Winter/Spring 2022 NielsenIQ University Program Scholar, City College of NY

“One of the most exciting parts of my experience in the NielsenIQ University program was the experience of learning alongside and working with students from diverse backgrounds.

I really appreciate the focus NielsenIQ has on diversity and inclusion.”

Diego Castillo, Winter/Spring 2022 NielsenIQ University Program Scholar, University of Illinois – Chicago

“My word of advice I would give to students considering to apply in the fall would be to showcase who they truly are in the application and what skills they have gained thus far.

And if accepted, be open to connecting with other students and NielsenIQ people, as you never know who might be able to help you later down the road.”

Kathryn Salguero, Spring 2022 NielsenIQ University Program Scholar, Rider University

“My biggest word of advice to students who are accepted into the program is to reach out.

I think the best thing that you can do is utilize all of the resources. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to try.”

Rod Villalba, Spring 2022 NielsenIQ University Program Scholar, Brigham Young University

Program outcomes
Program outcomes

Check out our Spring 2022 Graduation video.

Additional information
Additional information

Press Release

NielsenIQ University ready to develop
diverse talent pipeline for CPG and retail industries.

17th November, 2021

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